Networks or Friendships? Culture and behavior in professional life

For culturally mixed participants.

People from different cultures have different and even conflicting expectations of their relationships. Also boundaries between personal and professional life, compared cross-culturally, are neither self-evident nor similar. Yet, in present-day multicultural Western societies dealing with individuals with an ‘other’ cultural background is inevitable, whether within our own family, at work, in our neighborhood, or out on the town.

The following aspects of culture will be addressed:

– Different communication and persuasion styles
– Visible and invisible features
– Behavior and values
– How the self relates to others and expectations of these relationships
– Culture in behavior in personal and professional life
– How personal life link to professional life across-cultures
– Conscious and unconscious changes you go through because of ‘your new’ culture(s)
– Cross-cultural competence

For whom:

This workshop is intended for those
* who feel they come from a culture less individualist than the Dutch,
* who are Dutch and deal with people from less individualist cultures,
* who sometimes feel uncomfortable with, lost in or in conflict with aspects of the ‘other’ culture,  but are looking for insight into and control over these feelings
* who are interested in improving their intercultural communication and want to have effective behavior in personal life and professional life

Test your reactions beforehand

After registering participants are offered a link to complete a questionnaire designed specifically for this workshop.
The results are discussed during the workshop.

Location, Contribution
Maximum number of participants: 14

When: Evenings, usually on Friday, from 6:30pm – 9:30pm (+ 30 min personal feedback in Skype call)

Where: In Amsterdam (Exact location will be sent by e-mail

Participation Fee: 90 €,
For student’s in groups of 4 and special fees please contact us first.

In Interest?

Please feel free to contact us

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