Cross-national projects

Cross-Cultural Competence

In today’s interconnected and interdependent economies,  it comes as no surprise that expectations we have from colleagues raised in another culture and the ways we interact with them are often not free of  ‘wrong’ interpretations, misunderstandings or frustration.

Modern organizations  consider seriously how cultural mindset affect success within their organization or in their cross-national co-operation.

Modern organizations initiate Intercultural Training in order to minimize the risks of cultural misunderstandings and maximize satisfaction in international partnerships.

In2cultures succeed in turning experience from intercultural interactions, encoded in our mind as raw information,

In to the right assessment.
In learning to look at ‘either side of the coin’.
In developing:

Intercultural Competence: the skill to
think and respond culturally appropriate!

Other terms for this 21st century skill are: Cultural Intelligence, Cultural Dexterity, Multicultural Minds, or Global Competence (OECD)

Tailored approach depending on the nature of organizations and partnerships

We do not use ‘standard’ packets  across all our clients and workshops as most do. Instead, we apply tailored  workshops and advice by identifying the specific needs through interviews and online surveys to capture organisational trends and make reliable assessments in maximizing  the right factors towards effective communication at inter-personal  and inter-organizational level.

A poster to call out participation in our on-line survey: