Katerina Pouliasi (Ph.D)

Katerina Pouliasi obtained her Ph.D on ‘Culture, Self-Understanding and the Bicultural Mind’ at the University of Utrecht (2010).  Since then, she conducts tailor-made surveys and workshops on how different cultures influence the ‘ideal’ self, values,  understanding of  certain concepts, predictors of well-being and self-esteem e.t.c. She employs  her strong expertise in cultural priming techniques to elicit culture-based spontaneous behaviour. This is a unique way to simulate social reality in order to awake cultural awareness and guide targeted training.

She provides training and consultancy on Cross-Cultural Management for multinational companies, but also for expats, international Master students or any individual interested in intercultural competence in private and/or professional settings.

When you live actively with more than one culture you may, partly unconsciously, partly deliberately, acquire multicultural mind. Katerina Pouliasi has investigated how children and adults who are constantly immersed in more than one culture (family, organizations, society or even in cross-national interactions at work) are able to develop a intercultural competence: the ability to think and behave in ways that fit the patterns of the salient cultural context.

In a research spanning more than 17 years,  she compares demands imposed by different cultures in the European context (for example, between northern and southern E.U.). Her findings being in agreement  with findings from comparisons between North American and Asian cultures are being presented at international conferences or scientific journals.

Her passion is to enable people co-operate and avoid attachments to ‘own’culture’s stereotypes that block satisfaction. Especially, among those spread  geography and time zones.

As, today’s economies ARE Inter-dependent.

From Self-descriptions provided by Dutch in the Netherlands and Greeks in Greece who have participated in our comparative research projects (children and adults)

Dr. Katerina Pouliasi is active member of the International Association for Cross-Cultural PsychologyIACCP_analytic_logo


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