Cross-cultural comparative research

Basic questions

The emphasis in these projects was on:

The central goal, however in Cross-cultural psychology, is to investigate and compare how different cultural orientations affect people’s positive psychological functioning (subjective well-being or self-esteem feelings).

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Similar studies have compared effects for the same domains word-wide. For example, North Americanto South American or Asian cultures. In a European context, in the research projects I have participated or initiated, we have extensively compared population of the Dutch culture,  as a typical individualistic culture, to  populations of more collectivistic cultures (Greek).


The degree of compliance of our findings with those from other studies at a cross-cultural international level and the consequences for positive psychological functioning are discussed in our peer reviewed scientific journals or in international scientific conferences.

In our workshops: We also use the knowledge and expertise we have acquired in all the workshops we tailor to individuals or Organisations

Domains of investigation

Culture on self-understanding, values and well-being

Culture on spontaneous associations and how they are networked