Our approach

in2cultures helps people turn frustration from cultural conflict into
the advantages of:

  • moving with confidence  between different cultural frames!
  • becoming insider of other and different cultures!
  • realising that possessing a bi- or multi-cultural mind is a 21st century necessity for success in professional and personal positive functioning!

We possess the expertise and experience to succeed in that!

We do not use ‘standard’ packets or the same measures across all our services and workshops as most do. Instead we apply tailored and complementary services.

Depending on the complexity of an organisation and the needs of the target groups we offer:


Dr Katerina Pouliasi posses the theoretical and methodological expertise to design, implement and evaluate surveys targeting the specific needs of organisations, professionals and individuals.

(see Academic Research and Surveys)Hong-Kong-flower-show-15

Tailored Workshops

We organise the right  workshop for the right goal.

(see workshops)

Presentations and seminars

Presentations are hold on invitation and tailored seminars (shorter than workshops) on request by various associations

(see presentations)

For whom:

  • Organisations with diversity in human capital, based on expert staff from different cultural backgrounds
  • Professionals and who want to extend their business beyond the boundaries of their own country
  • Associations, minority groups and individuals

The big benefit

Turn frustration into the skill of intercultural competence!

Our workshops are both challenging and fun!