Tailored workshops

We possess the scientific expertise and the experience to identify influence of culture(s) within individuals on how the feel, think and behave and, as a consequence,  on how the spontaneously behave in private relationships, in a group’s context or in larger organisations.

We use thoughtfully selected case-studies from our everyday life and put participants in the shoes of  the protagonist of the story to self-experience whether his/her spontaneous reactions challenge communication or trigger cultural  tension.

We often combine aspects from the following domains:

Self-Understanding & the Bi(multi)cultural mind

  • Self-views and corresponding self-presentation styles: communication or rejection?
  • Bi(multi)cultural competence in different cultural situations

Values & Relationships

  • Networks or friendships?: intercultural interactions on personal level relationships
  • Key differences in close relationships: children-parents, culturally mixed couples

Organisational contexts

  • intercultural expectations in professional relationships or in organizational settings (e.g., Networks or Friendships?)
  • Intercultural communication: differences in motivation, performance & persuasion strategies

Self-esteem & Well-being

How people in different cultures make sense of their lives? What makes them proud of, for what are they ashamed of, what increases our self-confidence and what makes us happy?

There are important cultural differences in all those.  As long as they concern our subjective well-being  they are of utmost importance !

In Interest?

Express your interest for one or more domains or like to be further informed?

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