Networks or Friendships in the Netherlands?

An informal interactive presentation by Dr. Katerina Pouliasi

This presentation is designed for participants from different cultures, to promote intercultural communication. The recognition of own culture ‘within’ you, is the first step towards developing the ability to communicate yourself effectively with people with different cultural mindsets

If you have ‘another’ cultural identity you may assign ‘another’ meaning to friendship and possibly have different, or even conflicting, expectations of your friends compared to those that, for example, Dutch individuals have. Yet, everyone thinks of their own expectations as self-evident. Dealing with the ‘other’ is inevitable whether at work, in your neighbourhood or out on the town.

For whom: Expats and Dutch natives who want to improve communication and avoid conflicts in their intercultural interactions

Questions such as the following will be addressed:

  • Are your relationships friendships or rather networks?
  • What do you expect from friends?
  • How important are friends in your life?


– What relationships function well in the Netherlands?

– Can your self-esteem or well-being be dependent on your close relationships (friends included)

– What has cross-cultural research  revealed?

minder vrienden NRC 2006 Q

Friendship is closely related to how people see their Self in relation to others. The Self-with-Other relationship (especially your close-others and friends ) is one of the most reliable ways to identify important cultural differences (Henrich J., Science, vol, 344, 9-05-2014).

At the University of Utrechtf Utrecht we have extensively compared what people from different cultures expect from friends. These findings along with others from cross cultural research, will support the lecture.

The lecture will also involve stories of real-life interactions between expats and Dutch people.

Test your own reactions?

Your reactions in daily life intercultural situations can be tested in an on-line questionnaire.The answers are given anonymously but variation in patterns will be discussed during the lecture. Please first Register.

Format, Programme,

The presentation with discussion lasts from 45 to 60 min.

Doors open half hour earlier for welcome with coffee or thee, introductions

Contribution to the lecture: 15 €

Special prices for students, or additional arrangements (see example bellow)

The event as presented by:

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Usual format, and background history

Our first interactive presentation, was  successfully held in Bussum (on 25-10-2014, in the gallery of J. Chronis, Herenstraat 95A,) as follows:

19.00 welcome with coffee or thee, introductions
20.00 – 21.30: presentation and discussion
21.30 – 11.30: getting to know each other.

After the lecture  a small dish was served for those interested in & at low price prepared with love by Theo Carcassis.

A word of thanks

We are grateful to all volunteers who took the time and help turning this evening in a wonderful evening!

Ellen Jobes who co-ordinated the whole event, welcome, introduced participants to each other and made them feel at home . For being so attentive and professional that everything run so smoothly,

Dafni Averti for her contributing introduction to the lecture,

Theo Carcassis and Anne van Lieshout who so efficiently took care of all refreshments and food offered!

and of-course, last but not least,

Goods & More, who Goods and More logooffered to all participants a free glass of wine and the opportunity to taste their high quality wines from their collection.