Vacancy: Trainee in our cross-cultural competence project

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interviews, survey, workshops

This vacancy announcement will be open from 2/09/2016 to 08/09/2016.

We are looking for a student or a young professional with experience or proven affinity with cross-cultural differences to assist in the implementation of our project:

From ‘I’ / ‘They’ towards ‘We’: the inter-cultural challenge

Present-day cross-national partnerships realize the enormous importance of ‘reading’ correctly the mind of workmates raised in ‘other’ cultures and learned to communicate themselves in ‘another’ mother tongue. To cope with the changing demands when shifting culture of reference, we all need to sensitise differences and develop flexible skills.

Our tailored workshops combined with the appropriate surveys and statistics succeed in:

  • Reducing frustration and conflict from inter-cultural misunderstandings
  • Recognizing the influence of own culture in ‘own’ behavior, and in addition,
  • Sensitizing participants to
    • Recognize ‘other’ underlying values and norms in the behavior of the ‘other’ in their international interactions
    • Accept differences as personal challenges towards developing intercultural skills
  • Learn to implement theoretical and experiencial newcultural knowledge to daily working practices

You are expected

  • To be affiliated with cross-cultural differences in self-ideals, values, attitudes, cognition style, the cultural dimensions and the ability of contemporary ‘multicultural minds’ to develop intercultural competence.
  • To have good command of English language is required. A Southern, Eastern European or Asian background and knowledge of the Dutch language will considered advantageous.
  • Be able to understand the source of the cultural differences with the Netherlands as host culture
  • Be able to help with the exercises during the workshop and with the coding of the open questions responses
  • Be able to effectively promote the essence of our activities

We offer you the chance

  • To add cross-cultural skills to your curriculum
  • To learn about North-South European characteristics in business environments and more specifically about work-attitude, underlying values and motivation sources that guide our ‘natural’ behavior.
  • To administer and promote training activities, engage yourself in cultural simulations, theory- and research-based self-reflections.
  • A 16 hours per week part-time activity for the next 6 to 7 weeks with a remuneration of 200 euro.

Are you interested? Please apply forthwith.

Send us a short CV, with a no longer than 100 words motivation letter and your availability for the next 6 to 7 weeks.

Mail us: