Who am I in the Netherlands?

For culturally mixed participants.

The question addressed in this workshop is: does life in the Netherlands disturb your ‘default’ self-understanding and if so, how does this affect your self-confidence and well-being state?

If you come from ‘another’ culture you  may have different and even conflicting expectations of your relationships compared to those Dutch have.

by Dr. Katerina Pouliasi


The most reliable ways to identify key cultural differences is to think on how people see their ‘Self’ in relation to others. That is  an established conclusion of cross-cultural comparative research of more than forty years. The programme lasts 3 hours and includes:

  • Learning about key aspects of Self-Understandings through theory based on cross-cultural  comparative research including our research with the Dutch as reference culture at Utrecht University
  • Identify your Self-understanding through case studies from ‘Dutch’ or other multi-cultural situations,
  • Analysis  and discussion of a questionnaire submitted beforehand by registered participants

For whom:

This workshop is designed for those:

  • who consider relationships with close-others important in personal life and want to balance these beliefs with life in the Netherlands.
  • who may feel uncomfortable with, lost in or in conflict with aspects of the Dutch culture,  but are looking for insight into and control over these feelings
  • Who want to communicate with and avoid rejection from individuals in their relationships with different cultural background

Participation in this workshop will help you to:

  •  realize which aspects of yourself  are important to you and whether  and how they are:
    • related to your own culture
    • compatible with key aspects of the ‘Dutch’ Self-understanding
  • increase your sensitivity to recognize culturally different Self-understanding
  • improve your insight and ability to handle  culture-arisen conflict situations


  • Small group (min: 4, max.14 people)
  • Emphasis on interactivity in a structured discussion.

Date, Location, Contribution

Maximum number of participants: 14

When: Evenings working days. Exact dates in co-operation with the participants in interest

Where: Usually In Amsterdam but in other cities too (Exact location is sent by e-mail

Participation Fee: 90 €,
For student’s in groups of 4 and special fees please contact us first.

In Interest?

Please feel free to contact us


Workshop as presented by  IamExpat for the expats in Amsterdam,