Graphics of the Expats-Dutch survey on Hidden Cultural Differences

Purpose of the questionnaire is: to direct thought to issues that cross-cultural research has demonstrated significant differences between groups of cultures. Not to give answers. Just to make us seriously consider, that what is self-evident for ‘me‘ might not be for ‘you‘ too. That’s why the answers are designed with ‘Yes’ or  ‘No’ ‘.

Participants: Expats from diverse cultural background living in the Netherlands and Dutch natives participated in this Intercultural Questionnaire! (Here is the list of the countries participants come from). We illustrate the answers in the graphics bellow.


Values emphasized in Childhood

Introduction:  Dutch are encouraged to be direct and speak out their mind in any context or situation and feel proud of themselves when they do.
Question for all:
Introduction: Dutch parents and teachers encourage their children already from very early age (peuters) with:  ‘Jij moet het zelf weten’ (You yourself should know what is the right thing to do)

Motivation and Persuasion style

Introduction: You know (we all do it) what you would say to motivate a small child to do his best with his/her homework.  
Introduction: You know what you would say to comfort a small child who has just been rejected by another child at school.


Curious about culture behind motivation style? Continue reading here..


Values driving behavior at Work

Introduction. You want to grow in your career!
Question for Expats:

 Behavior towards friends and strangers

Introduction. If your friend had – unintentionally – caused an accident and you have to testify about this as witness, could you lie to protect your friend from getting a fine? (E-version only)

Lines between Personal and Professional life?

Introduction. Would you trust your friend who is doctor more than a doctor you don’t personally know? 
Introduction.Would you invite your lawyer or your doctor to your home (if you like him/her as a person), to maybe become friends?
More on that: Friendships or Networks in the Netherlands? (part 2)

Analytic or Holistic thought?

Introduction. Your boss says to you: “I don’t like your report”  Would a thought like  ‘He doesn’t like me’ cross your mind?
 Question for all.


After all, Are you Individualist or Collectivist?

Introduction. Do you evaluate someone who is individualist Negatively or Positively?
Question for all:
Survey designed and analysed by Dr. Katerina Pouliasi (see her scientific publications in Research Gate 

Unfold your dynamics!

Contemporary citizens living with and  interacting with ‘other’ cultures  change themselves dynamically towards acquiring a ‘multicultural mind‘ ! YET, distance and ‘hidden’ cultural differences can be conflicting and thus, CRITICAL

You’d better thus, become insider, MASTER such HIDDEN culture, ‘Mind the Gap

master the ways you choose to guide Your life,

and after all, your personal Well-being!!

Many thanks!
To all those expats and Dutch who have distributed this Intercultural Questionnaire . Special thanks to Iliana Docheva, Rebeka Rotter and Anna Stylianidou for forwarding to their networks as well as the TaalhuisAmsterdam for collecting data with our printed version!

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