Mind the Gap

The intercultural workshop for both expats and Dutch natives

Dutch read: Master the  Hidden  Cultural Differences

You may have already sensed this: the ‘right’ behavior, the one you learnt in your culture, can be interpreted as lack of competence in a Dutch context. Likewise, the use of just a ‘word’, which is positively meant in your culture, can often provoke unexpected but unpleasant reactions. But the reverse also holds for the Dutch dealing with a different culture too! Cross-cultural research, (ours too), has demonstrated that not only key differences between cultures exist, but also that these are often incompatible and even conflicting!

We all think, behave and, most importantly, FEEL in ways our culture unnoticeably has shaped us.

But, you are no longer a child, nor innocent, so cannot spend years again exposing yourself only to environmental learning process, which this time, inevitably, entails unexpected and nasty surprises.

Realise that you live in the Netherlands now. As the Dutch say:

‘If you don’t do it for yourself, 
nobody is going to do it for you'

We help you in four interactive sessions

In these sessions we will dive into the following questions:

1. Do you make the ‘right’ evaluation and do you adopt the ‘right’ behaviour when operating in the Dutch culture?
2. How do you motivate or persuade someone in private and work-situations? Do you adjust your style and arguments to the active culture?
3. What is your first spontaneous explanation on what happens to you or around you?
4. How do I unlock in practice my potentials and advance my intercultural skills?

  • Are you an expat? Think operating in Dutch situations.
  • Are you Dutch? Think operating in a Relationship-oriented culture

Variations in the responses are compared to established results from scientific research on cultural differences including our own comparative research with the Dutch as reference culture (at the University of Utrecht).

For whom?

Expats and immigrants who want to:

Become aware of what ‘works’ and what does NOT work  in the Netherlands

Adapt their behaviour to the demands of, and avoid frustration when operating in, the Dutch situations

Dutch natives who want the same when operating in ‘another’ cultural context different than the Dutch ( e.g., with a partner, in doing business, when visiting other countries, ..)

We take your cultural background into account

The content and the case-studies to be discussed during the workshop are tailored to the background of the participants. Please indicate in the Registration form the country you have been raised in.

We also provide participants with a link to an online questionnaire specifically designed for this workshop. The answers are analysed and discussed in the workshops.


Each session runs for 120 min, including a break of 10-15 min. Case-studies are real-life stories from Dutch newspapers or experienced by our participants. Think of a case that puzzled you too if you like.

You learn in a face2face interactive way in the context of your group.

In addition 30 minutes personal consultancy via Skype will be provided to each participant after concluding the workshop.

Time & Location

The Sessions are held on Friday evenings 19:00-21:00

Upcoming seminar: starting  September 27, 2017 (weekly sessions from 19:00 to 21:30)

Location: Amsterdam (to announced after Registration)


€ 240 for the 4 sessions  (excl. 21% btw).

Only for Early Bird Registration up to September 10, 2017:  a generous discount: € 200  for the 4 sessions (excl. 21% btw).

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Curious about impressions of past participants?

All participants are kindly asked to anonymously evaluate our workshops.

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